How To Get Cash For Your Old Trucks?

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Cash For Cars Perth is an auto recycling (truck and car wrecker) company based in Western Australia and offers free pickup and on the spot payment for all vehicle makes and models. We provide towing services to assist customers in removing old and unwanted trucks, WA. You will get instant cash on the spot or can deposit money into your bank account for all types of vehicles in all quantities, making our business as convenient as possible for our you. If you are thinking of getting rid of your old, damaged, dead or junk truck, contact us today at 0420 262 651 or visit our junk yards today for all your cash for trucks need. Is your company near me? Our company is a dependable and highly reputed scrap truck removal solutions with an office at Welshpool, WA. We have several years of experience in buying and removing vehicles.

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No matter how many trucks you have or how old they are, at any point you can contact the owner of our company and request to have a detailed description of your vehicle and we will gladly remove your truck. Our company is located near the three major metropolitan areas of Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We also have two junk yards, of which one is in Welshpool and one in Fremantle, WA. To get more info about cash for truck wrecks in Western Australia, you can call us on 0420 262 651!

What are the steps to sell your truck to a truck wrecker?

On the day of the accident, call an emergency number such as triple-0. Write down the make, model, year, condition and licence plate of your truck before leaving it on the street. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. At the accident scene, your vehicle will be towed by us to our trucks. Our trucks are crushed into pieces during the crushing process. Our sales team removes metal, glass and other unwanted components. We take pictures of the vehicle, plate number and front license plate before the sale. How much money will I receive for my truck? Our price is same for all makes and models. We use mechanical separators and mill the metal and also the other components including transmission and tires.

Can I sell my truck to a truck wrecker on weekends?

You will need to arrange with our towing experts to come to you on a time and date that suits you. Call us at 0420 262 651 for a free quote. Safe & easy way to get cash for old vehicles today Locate an efficient and professional vehicle wrecker or automotive scrap dealer for your dead, junk, recycled and unwanted trucks in Perth. There are several ways to get cash for your old vehicles and we are here to provide you an affordable way to get cash for your old trucks in Perth, just like the Perth Car Repairs Perth. Get our Cash for Cars Perth free quote to find out more about how we help you get cash for your old trucks in Perth.

What are the best days to sell a truck to a truck wrecker?

Let’s say that you got a couple of trucks that need your attention; you can contact our company on any of these days: Before the weekend: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which are usually the best days to sell a vehicle. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: Very bad days to sell your vehicle. Only if you have a junk yard next door can you sell your truck. Before or After the Trading Hours: It depends on the customer but it is usually fine. How can I buy my wrecked truck without moving it first? Usually, we prefer to pay the customer right away or else you will not be able to sell your truck on our company. If you have a free pick up time and you want to sell your vehicle, then please contact us for our free truck removal service.


Be forewarned that it is very important to make sure that you get an auto scrapping Perth company. You should not rely on strangers to remove your vehicle. Do not ever take vehicles to a scrap yard or any other roadside. Our company is the only reliable option for your service.

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