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Sell Cars for Cash is your “any condition” truck buyer. We buy trucks “As Is”, in mint condition, and ones that are total pieces of scrap. As professional truck buyers, we don’t waste time in buying vehicles when we receive a call from the owner requesting a cash quote. We will pay top cash for trucks fast and easy in Perth. We get right to business, calculating the value of your truck, making you an offer that is fair and accurate. We buy all types of trucks including mini trucks, light, heavy, very heavy, Small and medium trucks for cash.

Sell your truck for cash today

Check out the trucks that we have available right now at Cash for Trucks Cash for Trucks has access to most of the major truck manufacturers on the market today. We buy ALL types of Trucks, including for cash and from buyers who may be out of the truck-buying loop. We buy large trucks from both local and national dealerships. We also buy for cash from individuals who need a vehicle for personal use. Cash for Trucks also offers loans of up to $50,000 for those who need a temporary fleet of trucks to be used in the short term, or want to utilize a truck for an emergency situation. We do this so our truck buyers have options to get the trucks they need. When your truck is sold for cash, you will receive a check directly from Cash for Trucks, in full, in 7 to 10 days.

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Why sell your truck to a professional truck buyer

You will get the best cash offer, no hassle and get paid quickly. You can be anywhere, at your work or at home when the money will be there to pay you. If you are not working, you don’t have to rush for the money, just close your eyes, and it will be there. No waiting for the days and weeks to tick, and have the money in your account at the right time. Sell your car to a car broker and you will get the most honest and transparent offer. There are plenty of dealers out there willing to pay you a higher price for your car, but at what price? Selling a car to a dealer could cost you $1,000 more than the original amount that you bought the car. If you can do better, you can.

What to expect when selling your truck

When you sell your vehicle to us, you have the peace of mind knowing that you’re getting an honest, accurate cash offer on your vehicle. Once we have accepted the cash, we will deliver the vehicle to our location in Irvine, California and get it inspected by a qualified mechanic to ensure it is in working order. We will then provide you with all the documentation and you can take your vehicle directly to a transport company or fleet manager. When you need your vehicle back, we will take it back within 3 business days and you can have a written settlement agreement from the buyer with instructions on how to pick up your vehicle. You will receive all of the money up front. How much do you think your truck is worth?

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Sell your truck today with Sell Cars for Cash

Never Pay Sales Tax on Your Cash Sale No sales tax charges for this sale! We have exclusive relationships with almost every dealership around the Perth so we can buy trucks that are currently in the “pending sale” mode for cash, with no tax charged to you. This is a huge benefit that you don’t want to miss out on. We buy “as is” for cash and get all the information back to you on the truck. There are no extra charges for getting a cash sale. FREE CARS FOR CHEAP, HARD TO FIND MEETING Our sales team will be happy to come to you in order to meet you in your home, the local truck stop or restaurant, the best place to meet with your truck owner. There are no fees for these Meet and Greets.


If you think you’re too busy to sell your truck on your own, think again. Contact Sell Your Truck for Cash and the money you get back will be yours to keep.