Sell Accidental Cars

How to Get More Cash for Your Accidental Car, Aside from Your Insurance Claim


The cheque from your insurance company has arrived. Now, you’re in a dilemma, not sure of what to do with your accidental car.

Why not sell it to a car removal company like Cash For Cars Perth that will maximise the value of your car?

Cash For Cars Perth buys accident condition cars and knows how to maximise the value of the cars.

How Can We Make Top Cash Payments On Accident Condition Cars?

We are Perth’s leading wreckers & recyclers that know how to get the most cash value from cars by pulling parts to recondition and recycling cars. With us, you will get the maximum value for your car regardless of whether we wreck the car, pulling parts and components to recondition, or whether the entire car needs to be recycled.

We are the wreckers & recyclers that offer car owners the best cash for cars in Perth.

When we buy cars, you can rely on a car selling experience that is second to none. Your car is in an accident condition. It may run, but likely it is not roadworthy.

Not to worry. We will buy the car and remove it for free. We are wreckers in Perth that come to the location of our customers with a cash payment for their cars and remove them for free.

How Do You Know How Much Cash We Will Pay?

We will make you an offer over the phone, or online. Car owners of accident condition cars that feel they would like to take us up on our offer can then schedule a free car removal.

Selling Your Car to us is so Simple

Contact us for a cash quote for your accident condition car. We will need the make, model, year, and a complete description of the car. When providing us with the description of your car, please be as descriptive as possible, so we are sure to determine its value correctly.

  • Accept or reject our offer.
  • Schedule a free car removal in Perth.
  • When we buy cars, you don’t have a car sale that is a hassle. We make it fast and convenient.

Get A Quote

Call us at the number below or fill out our online form on our homepage to obtain an instant cash for car quote.  Call us at 0420 262 651.