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Employing a group of highly experienced and learned specialists who know every car inside out, our company has established itself as the automobile buying expert, vastly experienced in four wheels removal. Furthermore, our specialists have the resources to research any automobiles they come across but don’t know well. This ensures that everyone who contacts us contacts a buyer who can properly examine and appraise vehicles, offering a fair value at all times. By simply getting all the details we can about your four wheels, we can make fair offers conveniently. Give us a call now about our recycle auto removal service.

How it works Perth

If you are looking to sell an unwanted automobile for cash, there and then; our excellent scrap service is here to serve you.

Over the years, our company has established high operating standards, as far as auto removals in exchange for hard cash in Perth. Ensuring that we keep up with these standards is a priority for our services in the local area.

Our aim is to become the top automobile removals service provider in Perth. This is why we provide a fluid and reliable service for buying all your old non-working cars.

The main difference between our company and the other company operation is the fact that we strive to satisfy your wishes as the customer; all purchase plans are made with your schedule in mind.

Why Scrap Your Automobile With Us?

First and foremost, our company is backed by more than a decade’s experience in purchasing unwanted cars and providing vehicle removal services.

  • Our ethical auto recycling operations ensure that we operate in an eco-friendly manner, especially when handling tasks such as oil and fluids removal and degassing the air conditioning.
  • All sellers receive their cash there and then, while towing services are provided for free and not on the seller’s dime.
  • Over the years, We have also established itself as the only service offering the fairest value for all unwanted automobiles.
  • Our service accepts a variety of automobiles in any condition.
  • Our well-trained personnel who have been working in the industry for years provide fast and friendly service.
  • Get in touch with us now for all your auto removals for cash needs and marvel at the fairest quote of all other companies in the market.

Our company is the best option for disposing of your scrap four wheels. Our team of professional auto dismantlers has the skills, technical know-how, and equipment to wreck scrap vehicles, nearly recycling or reusing all components.


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Our company is the best option for disposing your unwanted cars. Our team of professional car dismantlers has the skills, technical know-how, and equipment to wreck scrap automobiles, nearly recycling or reusing all components.

As such, all the precious parts, components and metal used in the construction of the entire vehicle can be sold off to obtain a reasonable amount of money from scrap automobiles. Valuable components and parts are recycled and reused, while the remaining shell is crushed and sold as scrap metal to be used in the production of steel. This establishes us as the scrap and unwanted car dismantler in Perth that understands how eco-friendly auto recycling processes help get scrap or unwanted car sellers a reasonable amount of cash in their wallets.

It is worth understanding that you are looking after the environment by calling in to scrap your vehicles, and why not just getting some extra cash for your old vehicle while freeing up valuable yard space?

Get in touch with us by calling the numbers provided or simply visiting our website and filling in the form on the “Get a Quote” tab to get an obligation and cost free quote that could go up to ten thousand dollars for your old automobiles.

Our auto removal specialists will be there by the afternoon, leaving you with cash in your wallet for your unwanted car.

Get in touch with us if you are serious about disposing off your junk four wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much cash can I expect for my scrap car in Perth?

A: The value varies based on factors like the car's weight, condition, and current market rates. Contact us for a free quote today upto $10000!


Q: Is towing included in your scrap car removal service in Perth?

A: Yes, we provide free towing for scrap car removal in Perth. We'll arrange a convenient pickup time that suits you.


Q: Do you accept all types of scrap cars in Perth?

A: Yes, we accept all kinds of scrap cars, regardless of their condition or make, in Perth. Turn your scrap car into cash today!


Q: How quickly can I get cash for my scrap car in Perth?

A: We strive for fast and efficient service, offering instant cash for your scrap car in Perth upon pickup. Contact us, and we'll handle the rest!